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RackTech ® Structure Cabling Solutions is a one of the world class Quality Passive Networking solutions, and one of Europe’s leading providers of integrated solutions and communications, found in 2009 in, Italy, specializing in cabling structure solutions for all types of networks. Our Products manufactured by our partner factories in China, Factories are specialized in manufacturing all types of network cabinets and data centers. It carries high quality and varied Italian and European designs. Due to a wide customer base and the company’s keenness to provide all services to complement the service system, the company has set up another factory in China for fiber optic cables on an area of 15000 meters and produces more than 20000 kilometers per day. We have a large network of distributors around the world by provide all integrated solutions from fiber cables and all other accessories under RackTech ®.


Connections mean everything, People thrive on them, Industry is powered by them, Society grows from them and in today’s hyper-connected economy, and your connectivity can be the difference between driving competitive advantage and getting left behind. That’s why the physical, electrical, and network infrastructure underpinning your organization grows more essential by the day. For long time we have invested our heart, soul, and engineering curiosity in the innovations that realize the critical connections for life. We work with leading organizations in markets as diverse as manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, energy, and telecommunications to create comprehensive, stable infrastructure solutions. These solutions instill agility, productivity, and advantage at every layer of their business. Our customers look to us as a trusted, strategic partner who works with them to address their most critical business challenges within their data center, enterprise, and industrial environments, powering progress and the bottom line. Most importantly, these organizations and the markets they serve count on RT-technology® for the solutions that connect our world in the most meaningful ways.

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